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  • ||kabbo's song on the loss of his tobacco pouch

    The loss of ||kabbo's tobacco bag, which was stolen by a hungry dog, belonging to !gou !nui, named 'Blom'
  • !nue

    1. shana, 2. "pot", 3. da a "fire", 4. ya ||gu, 5. !nue ("bag"), 6. Ngoba ≠ko ≠ko, 7. shana |ne ≠nauwa ya. Shana fruit which has fallen upon the ground., 8. shana |ne, 9. shana go, 10. shana !gua, shana leaf, 11. ≠ko ≠ko tsema, 12. ≠ko ≠ko |nu |nu ||a, 13. ≠ko ≠ko tchu, 14.!ku (Ngoba !ku), 15. Ngoba tchu, 16. ||gu yo, water pot, 17. !nu tsema, 18. ngoba (necklace), (19. shana |ne), (20. !kan ssin), (21. gomi |no), 22. skin fastening of necklace, 23. yo tsema, 24. !kan tsema, 24. leaves which have fallen to the ground
  • Sound from the Thinking Strings (installation detail)

    'Sound from the Thinking Strings' was comprised of twenty etchings created by Skotnes that drew on southern San mythology, archaeological and historical research and rock paintings; poems by the late poet Stephen Watson that interpreted extracts of nineteenth-century recordings of |xam cosmology compiled in the Bleek and Lloyd archive and pre-selected by Skotnes; and historical and archaeological contextualisations of these recordings in the form of essays by archaeologist John Parkington and historian Nigel Penn. The exhibition also displayed associated visual material that Skotnes sourced from the UCT and State Archives, the UCT Archaeology Department and the SAM.