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Research collections



Research collections


If one inputs the term "ostrich egg" into the UCT depository for postgraduate research papers and dissertations - OpenUCT - the search delivers 116 results. The research spans different departments: Historical Studies, Biological Sciences, Environmental and Geographical Science, the School of Education, African Studies, the Centre for Film and Media Studies, Religious Studies, the Michaelis School of Fine Art and African Languages and Literatures. The largest bulk of this research (68 documents) have, however, been generated by the Department of Archaeology.

Make your way up to the third floor of the Beattie Building, where a postgraduate researcher of this department will chat to you about their research and, more specifically, about the ostrich egg shells that form part of their material collections.


1 January 2022, 08:30

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1 January 2022, 09:29